iVirtual Employee

Our aim is to set a benchmark in the remote staffing industry with an elegant & innovative concept of enabling you to Outsource employees from India by maintaining & accomplishing client’s unique project by handing it over to the required IT experts under our professional guidance. We are always equipped to serve you in different our IT & non IT personnel’s from corner to corner on all the expert domains with extreme customer satisfaction. A complete workforce or an individual expert can be hired in agreement to your project size & on demand outsourced professional. Our on demand virtual outsourcing process moves swiftly & smoothly, which allows you to hire a virtual employee for distinct portfolio’s such as IT solution, networking, web development & deployment professionals, Digital marketing certified experts, creative content writers & many others to increase your business assets.


Increasing your Total Ownership Cost is our sole objective. iVirtual Employee is a professional, who works for your company in his own dwelling / in house place and showers his expertise to the client working as a full time employee from anywhere around the globe with consistent customer satisfaction. You can add a highly qualified professional to your team virtually, to cut down your increasing administrative workload & free yourself from time limit. Our remote staffing management is keen to hand out all our unique shaped delivery solution & outsourced Indian Employees to our offshore client’s. iVirtual Employees (India) is a complete package for your portfolio requirement, who works similar to your full-time member of staff with economical payments or wage per hour under your total management control. Non physical availability, but completes your organization’s work capably with sheer commitment.


Hiring Indian employees virtually is escalating with rising demands due to the fact that the percentage rate of educated IT experts in India is accelerating. Right now, 86% of Indian adults are graduates in the field of Engineering, Commerce, Medical, etc. More than 12% of our literate populations have accessed higher education so, without hesitation offshore hiring of outsourced employees from India ranks the most excellent. India is one of the largest outsource employee industry in the world.