Communication Technology Tools To interact Seamlessly With Client- iVirtual Employee

Working offshore is a cool notion for both employees and organizations. Remote employees find it very comfortable to work dedicately from an onshore office, and it’s a time & money saving idea for small or developing organizations. Lack of talent workforce in neighborhood locations is compelling organization to look for an expert with the association of offshore companies. So, we need some seamless technology tools to compress the communication barrier between remote employees & talent seeking organizations overseas.

The arrangement of technological flexible communication tools is required to keep employees and companies in total touch.

Schedules & fixtures for meetings can be mutually decided by the organization with a consistent Time Zone standard to supervise the assessment. Being a part of remote employees is not easy at all, due to the perplexity of cultural differences in the organization. Focusing on common goals, needs a candid peer to peer engagement  without any struggle to interact with the managers of the offshore & onshore office managers. For increasing the interaction, organizations should utilize a leverage technology to enhance the experience of remote employees. For a long run, Virtual workforce supplying organizations should use an adequate communication technology tools to bridge the gap.

Here is how you can multiply the employee engagement-

Video Conferencing- Zoomroom software can be used to set up a visual talk between the organization’s  team & virtual employee. To give a brief catch up to all the work Zoomrooms can be utilized perfectly to get rid of all the mush mush related to your assessment review. If you don’t find yourself comfortable investing on video conferencing tools, you can gain similar benefits using Skype, Google Hangout, etc.

Cloud based communication tools- Messaging tools involvement in your task can assist the virtual experts to correspond throughout with the offshore team involved. Slack or HipChat tools are one of the many cloud messaging tools, which reduces the stay in touch gap to build a strong communication network.

Project Management Tools- Remote team should keep the worksheet updated with the Log in and Log out time to display its striving contribution towards the agreed task. Tools such as Asana, Dapsule, Tresello,etc. Should be brought into streamlined for project progress, reporting, scope management, scheduling, documentation, to keep assessment progress updated on a daily basis. This frames a meeting zone to work virtually for remote employees and for exchanging details rather than communicating through telephone calls or emails.

Involving virtual employees in decision making can portray a good success to the organization pertaining to the specified task they are involved in. Carrying out a brainstorming session with the remote employees suppress the doubts and motivates them to keep a long term connectivity with the offshore organization. Overall, non physical availability of the remote staff must not hamper the working experience, therefore, communication tools are necessary to pertain the stability of knowledge assimilation among the participating virtual candidates.



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