What Is A Cloud Company & Why There Is A Need For It?

A cloud computing technology is revolutionizing each & every segment of businesses to a next level of achievement. So a cloud company is an organization embedded with a seamless communication technology .Cloud technology was introduced to the modern world with IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) then SaaS (Software as a Service) and now there is an escalation in this groundbreaking concept as you can have an entire office space with unspoiled utilization of newest & latest communication technology.

A cloud company is a service on demand organization. You access an offshore spacious office remotely via the internet and use the latest cloud communication tools such as Slack, HipTools, etc. to collaborate and work personally with your dedicated staff without getting disturbed about the miles of distance (which you can hire in any field or profession). It is an exact replica of your local office zone, but from now onwards you can access everything remotely.

A cloud company brings along tangible and intangible benefit points, but here are some essential benefits to streamline all your tasks on a single infrastructure.

We are the authorized supervisor of your remote talent & office space settled offshore in a perfect manner as per your guidelines.To carry out all your process smoothly, we manage the real time operations related to your project as well as offshore iVE employee. We iVE bother about all the IT Admin, legal processing, payroll management, HR advisory, taxes, etc., so that employee hiring organizations can concentrate on their personal office.

You can invest your lagging time on the mission & vision, boosting your venture revenues, stabilizing the standards, generating business leads, sales & marketing and edging your product quality. A cloud company is an ultimate solution to take your booming organization upon the sky to the next level of success.

Perking up your Business Revenue:

On collaborating with iVE, you are free from investing a giant amount on the settlement of your office and you are no longer liable for your office or staff. A iVE cloud company can zero your workload & investment stress.

  •   No more stress for long term contracts.
  •   No trouble managing employee payroll.
  •   No more office tax returns.
  •   No more IT infrastructure management.
  •   No more concern for employee legal lawsuits.
  •   No worry about insurance.
  • Soon you will be rich sitting at your own laid back zone (local onshore office).

Hit your target without  any glitch of hiring smart employees from our iVE HR consultants for an achievement oriented success. Undertaking your offshore recruitment headache is our sole concern.

Doubling your revenue requires time, but to get in done at a faster pace an organization needs scalability. Matching up the market demands takes planning for months & years. Scalability is a time consuming process, which requires a huge capital & manpower resources. Therefore a cloud computing company is an aid in scalability mission of the organizations. When you become a part of cloud company, you don’t have to think too much on Scaling up or gown for better profit rate.

iVE is a cloud company, which releases bother of long term contracts. You are free from being trapped into a quarterly, 6 months or yearly contract. You can work with the most senior & experienced staff and can get your job done with flexible results before the timeline mentioned to complete a particular task. You are not paying a remote employee for just relaxing in his office desk.

A cloud organization gives your business the nimbleness to respond in a split second to change popular (and not simply amid the pinnacle time frames). This gives you a greatly improved degree of profitability. Here is how a cloud company can be more effective than Traditional Habitual company-

Cloud Company:

  • Scalability factors
  • Location independence
  • Rate of risk
  • Streamlining business
  • Utilization of time & resources
  • Cloud Company
  • Efficiency
  • Work from anywhere in the world
  • Zero investment
  • Very easy, high ROI
  • Freedom of works & demands

A habitual traditional Company Inflexible Zero, you are tied to one place Stable ROI Time eroding process.Less  availability of the better resources.

A cloud company manages your entire office and staff for you, thereby giving you greater mobility, scalability, location independence and a streamlined business. Time saved is time invested.
The cloud company is the future of work and the way businesses will be run in the future.


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